Jackson County strengthens communication system

Published 7:50 pm Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Equipment should be in place soon to strengthen the radio communication system for first responders in the northeast corner of Jackson County, said George Sholl, director of the Jackson County Communications District.

The radio system at Big Pointe site will benefit from the improvements that were four years in the making, Sholl said. The system will help police, fire and other emergency personnel in the event of a storm.

Though the changes are not related to Hurricane Katrina, Sholl recently told county supervisors that the two-way system would be vital for communications for city, county and visiting disaster workers after the hurricane.

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Some unincorporated areas above Interstate 10 have little or no radio reception, leaving emergency crews unable to communicate with each other, Sholl said.

Sholl said ideally he would like 100 percent coverage for the area, but would be happy if the new equipment can provide up to 95 percent.