Sons of American Revolution honor locals

Published 7:53 pm Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Three people were honored for their work in the past years that touched lives, be it with assistance during and after an emergency, undercover work in drug arrests or putting criminals behind bars with court convictions.

President of Sons of the American Revolution Mark Rutladge, Chaplain Bill Rutladge and SAR member Frank Egger presented three individuals with commendations for their hard work and dedication.

Picayune Fire Fighter Anthony Lossett received the Fire Commendation Award for his efforts during and after Hurricane Katrina, Bill Rutladge said. Picayune Police Capt. Holly Krantz was presented with the Police Commendation Award for her work as a detective in undercover work and for her work in Criminal Investigations Division. District Attorney Buddy McDonald was honored with the Citizenship Award for his 25 years as Assistant District Attorney and District Attorney.

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“We need good district attorneys more than we need good governors and legislatures,” Bill Rutladge said.

The Sons of American Revolution was founded in the 1800s by Congress to promote patriotism and to keep track of the history of the county’s founding fathers. All members in the organization are descendants of men who served in the Revolutionary Wa. Each award presented to those honored Friday at Picayune City Hall were national awards.

To determine the winners, information for each candidate is gathered by the local members of SAR and presented to the national organization where they make the final decision, Bill Rutladge said.