Closing of Telly Road not expected to affect businesses

Published 5:48 pm Friday, December 8, 2006

Local businesses located on Picayune’s favorite shortcut may be worried their profits will suffer from the decreased traffic while the north side of Telly Road is repaired.

Jon Myers, with City of Picayune Public Relations, said the road work should not hinder the businesses on the short stretch of road. There will be Picayune Police presence at each barricade directing drivers who have business in the area. That business could be because they live on the road or wish to visit a business, Myers said.

“The only traffic to be allowed on the road will be local traffic, which are those who live on the road and traffic for the businesses on Telly,” Myers said. “All other traffic will be diverted.”

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The project has been allotted 30 days for completion, but Myers said an actual time frame, pending good weather, could be from two days to two weeks. While beginning work is in progress the barricades will be set up at the intersection of South Haugh and the end of Telly Road at the U.S. 11 intersection. All non-business traffic will be redirected to South Haugh. The South Haugh barricade will be moved when resurface work takes place from that intersection to the Telly Road Memorial Boulevard intersection.

Myers said none of the businesses on Telly Road should be affected by the work since all patrons will still have access to those businesses, including Crosby Carpets which can be accessed through the Hancock Bank Parking lot.