Liquor, tax referendums fail; Stockstill wins

Published 8:43 pm Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Tuesday’s election showed that Pearl River County is not ready for too much change yet. Liquor was voted down as was the non-binding tax referendum, but the first female county supervisor appeared to have been elected to the office to which she had been appointed.

Circuit Clerk Vickie Harriel said that for the most part the voting machines gave poll workers and voters few problems, except for paper jams. She said those problems could be attributed to the damp weather.

“After the day went on, we had less paper jams,” Harriel said.

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Poll workers at Steephollow, Kayla Ladner and Karen Smith, said that was their only problem.

Overall voters found the machines be easy to use, even if they needed a small tutorial first. One thing that did help were the pamphlets voters could look at before voting that gave step by step instructions on how to use the machines, Harriel said.

There was a major problem at the Adcox Road precinct, Fire Station 1, in Picayune, dealing with paper that was not loaded into the machines, Harriel said. This was the first big test for the machines, since close to 50 percent of the registered voters showed to cast their vote.

“It went well, considering this was truly our debut,” Harriel said.

She said that normally an election with no issues can expect about 30 percent of the registered voters to come out, but she thinks it was the local issues that drew this election’s crowd.

“I am glad to see the people care enough about the issues to get out and vote,” Harriel said.

Mill Creek Beat 2 poll worker Rebecca Taylor said this election drew the largest crowd she has seen in years.

“I think this was the most people we had since the Confederate flag issue came up,” Taylor said.

The two major issues on the ballot were the liquor referendum and the non binding tax referendum, both of which were voted down. Liquor lost with an unofficial vote tally of 6,132 for and 7,279 vote tally against. The tax referendum lost with 3,935 votes for to 9,369 votes against.

County supervisor district five also was a big issue. Bettye Stockstill led substantially Wednesday morning in unofficial results.

Harriel said that liquor will not be able to make the ballot again for another five years, however, the supervisors can put the non-binding tax referendum on the ballot again when and if they choose.

In the other races:

— For the U.S. Senate, incumbent Sen. Trent Lott won, with 10,759 votes in Pearl River County, over Democrat Erik Fleming and independent Harold Taylor.

— For U.S. Representative in the Fourth Congressional District, incumbent Rep. Gene Taylor won with 9,609 votes in Pearl River County over Randy McDonnell.

— Chancery Court District 10 place 1 had James Thomas Jr. running uncontested and he received 10,196 votes in Pearl River County.

— Chancery Court District 10 place 2 election had Sebe Dale Jr., Jay Jernigan and Ed Pittman Jr. running with Pittman leading. Pittman won Pearl River County with 5,423 votes.

— Chancery Court District 10 place 3 election had Johnny L. Williams running uncontested. He received 10,018 votes in Pearl River County.

— Chancery Court District 10 place 4 election had Jerry Evans, Gene Fair, Deborah Gambrell, Alexander Ignatiev and Aaron Russell Jr. running with Russell leading. Russell won in Pearl River County with 6,130 votes.

— Circuit Court District 15 place 1 had R.I. Prichard III running uncontested. He received 10,638 votes in Pearl River County.

— Circuit Court District 15 place 2 had Manya Creel Bryan, Forest M. Dantin, James L. Gray and Prentiss G. Harrell with Creel leading. Creel lead Pearl River County with 5,981 votes. However, district wide Harrell was in the lead with 12,324 votes with Morgantown in Marion County still uncounted.

— Court of Appeals District 5 position 2 had David M. Ishee running uncontested. He received 10,087 votes in Pearl River County.

— Supervisor District V had Bettye Stockstill and Tim Prince running with Stockstill leading. Stockstill won with an unofficial vote of 1,875 votes to Prince’s 1,141 votes.

All votes are unofficial since absentee, affidavit and emergency ballots still need to be counted. A runoff election, if one is needed, is scheduled for Nov. 21.