Christmas Pilgrimage final stop features home of Reba Beebe

Published 5:09 pm Thursday, November 30, 2006

The GFWC-MFWC Civic Woman’s Club will host the 18th annual Christmas Pilgrimage on Saturday, Dec. 2, from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. Advance tickets are $10; tickets at the homes are $12 and are available at Checkered Lily, The Glass Porch or from CWC members.

The Pilgrimage will feature three homes and one local church which will include the homes of Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Whitfield, Mr. and Mrs. Max Huey, and Reba Beebe; and Trinity United Methodist Church.

The fourth and final feature on the Christmas Pilgrimage will be the home of Reba Beebe, 3105 Eagle Court in Picayune.

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For more information, call Carolyn Huey at 601-798-8190 or Nancy Griffin at 601-798-8591.

The home of Reba Beebe, 3105 Eagle Court, in Millbrook Estates will be on the Civic Woman’s Club Christmas Pilgrimage. Millbrook Estates covenants were signed in 1976 making the subdivision 30 years old in 2006. Millbrook Country Club, currently Picayune’s only 18-hole golf course, lines some of the homes in the Estates. Millbrook Country Club is situated on the first airport in Pearl River County known as Pearl River County Airport from the late 1920 to the early 1940’s. Reba’s home is located on the 7th hole looking out on the former landing strip.

Retired Louisiana Magistrate, the Honorable Thomas Giraud and his talented wife Mary built the Millbrook home in 1996. Mary painted the outside storage building in 1996 and it still looks great today. Contractor and Millbrook developer, Irwin “Smitty” Smith built the home for the Giraud’s and their family.

As you enter the home Freida Dobson carefully placed a family of Christmas Carolers and a Nativity in the foyer to greet you. The first room to the right of the foyer is the dining room. A magnificent peacock is the focal point in the dining room. The peacock was a gift from Reba’s youngest brother, Bert Beebe, an award-winning taxidermist. Ms Norma Kleinfield brought Reba a colorful Nativity set from Mexico to accent the colors of the peacock in the dining room. Katie Jarrell and Donna of the Crystal Gallery decorated the dining room table with the Nativity set. Antique pieces of furniture in the room are also brought to life with matching bright colors. MeLinda Vitale of MeLinda’s Fine Gifts decorated the “peacock tree” in the dining room.

Rich colors of copper, gold, and rust blend in with the décor of the newly renovated combination den and kitchen. Eileen Baker’s retired Dickens Village is on loan to add a little nostalgia on a corner cabinet top. Mary Ellen Wheat of Picayune Florist designed the mantle piece, breakfast table centerpiece and other floral accents that complete the room.

The Holy Family in the family room is a reminder to all the true meaning of Christmas. The room is decorated with the traditional bright reds and greens. A dozen Poinsettias representing Maw Maw Beebe’s 12 great grandchildren will line the family room placed by Great Uncle Marvin, Jr., Reba’s brother. From this room you can walk out to the backyard and enjoy listening to the waterfall that spills over into the vanishing edge pool. The backyard gives an open view of the golf course and lets you envision the planes that once took off or landed in that area many years ago.

Family keepsakes are located throughout the house, Cross Stitch treasures from Judy Dodd, Reba’s sister, American Flags belonging to her father, Marvin Beebe, Sr. and his brother, Uncle Randall. Collections of Christmas gifts over the years from family and loved ones will be also be taken out of boxes and placed for all to enjoy during some of the many Christmas gatherings during the season.

“Thank you with all my heart Freida Dobson, Eileen Baker, Jo Scheel, Kristy Whitfield, Nick Watkins, and especially Jackie Mitchell for the love and support during the renovations and decorating for Christmas 2006.” — Reba Beebe.