Blue line gets support from faith based organizations

Published 8:06 pm Friday, November 3, 2006

Faith-based organizations are showing their support for Operation Blue line by joining Operation Blue Line Prayer Partners.

The stickers are available at local churches and the police department to work as a symbol to those who would commit crimes and sell drugs in the community that residents are standing against them.

The Rev. Darrell Worley of Christian Life Assembly of God said the effort of the Picayune Police Department is supported by the community and now residents can show their support with the blue stickers to be placed on their windshields.

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“It’s a symbol of a line to separate between anarchy and law and order,” Worley said.

A blue line was drawn at each of the main entrances into the city to remind those who may break the law that their actions would not be tolerated, and these stickers will identify community members as Operation Blue Line Prayer Partners, he said. The stickers also are a symbol to those who would commit crimes that the Picayune Police Department is not alone in its fight against crime.

Worley said the fight against crime was not only fought by the Picayune Police Department but also by the praying community and the stickers would let would-be criminals know that.

“We feel it’s a great addition to the program,” said Deputy Chief David Ervin. “It provides a symbolic image to see.”

Ervin said Operation Blue Line has been well received by people in the community and the symbolic message carried by the stickers will be seen in parking lots around town by those who come in to the city who might decide to commit a crime.

Worley said he expected it to take about a month to distribute the stickers. However, it took only a week and a half to have all 2,500 of the first batch of stickers spoken for, the minister said. The demand was so great that he ordered another 2,500, he said. Worley said he sees Operation Blue Line as such a good idea that he prays for a blue line to be put across the county and beyond.

“It wouldn’t hurt our feelings if it would go around the state,” Worley said.

Originally Worley said his goal was to get about 2,000 people involved in the effort, but he has already done that and more.

“We feel like we will double that or more,” he said.

The stickers will be available at the Picayune Police Department, Christian Life Assembly of God, World Outreach, First Baptist Church of Picayune, Resurrection Life, Rose of Sharon and many other churches and organizations, Worley said.

Law enforcement works well when people in neighborhoods informs them of things going on in their area, Ervin said.

“We as a police department have to thank the citizens of the community for standing behind us in this effort,” Ervin said.