Teen 411 kicks off

Published 11:18 pm Saturday, September 16, 2006

The new program for the teens of the Greater Picayune Area was recently announced, “Teen 411” a communications tool for the area teens.

The program allows teens to communicate with the police via the Internet by going to the Picayune Police Department website at HYPERLINK “http://www.picayunepolicedepartment.com” www.picayunepolicedepartment.com then selecting the “Teen 411” on the menu which will allow an e-mail connection to the police department.

This is a valuable tool for the area teens as they are very much involved in the computer using the computer for communications more then ever before. We want the teens to have the opportunity to communicate questions and information with the ease of the computer e-mail. An officer of the police department will respond within a reasonable time not to exceed twenty-four hours.

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Also, officers of the department will begin an aggressive campaign to reduce to problem areas such as handicap parking violations and out-of-state tag violations. The officers will be strongly enforcing the laws in regards to handicap parking and out-of-state vehicle tags. The out-of-state Tags should be changed to Mississippi tags thirty days after moving into the State of Mississippi. Also the laws requires all vehicles, that are domiciled in the State of Mississippi for 72 hours or more each week, have a Mississippi tag. We ask for your help in this area as the local road and bridge improvements depend on the purchase of the Mississippi Tags issued in Pearl River County.

As for the handicap parking, this was established to help those with handicaps that would prevent them from walking long distance, or for those that must use some type of mobility assistance to be able to travel to and from their automobile. We ask again for your cooperation in keeping the handicap parking open to those with the proper tags or other required vehicle identification which allows legal handicap parking.

As for the month of August, the Officers of the Picayune Police Department answered 3,059 calls for service, and made 13 felony drug arrests, 12 misdemeanor drug arrests, 51 warrant arrests, 88 misdemeanor crime arrests, and 12 arrests for felony crimes against persons and/or property. Traffic enforcement officers issued citations for 89 hazardous moving violations, 115 non-hazardous moving violations, six child restraint violations, 39 seat belt violations, and 14 DUI violations.

Thank you for your continued support of your police department and the men and women of law enforcement. As always we ask for your continued prayers.

Stay safe.