Suspicious Minds

Published 2:47 pm Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Who can you trust? Do you believe your government? Your spouse? Your children? Or is the whole world involved in secrets, keeping the truth from us? Are you fooled, gullible and believe everything reported on CNN, Fox, ABC etc.? Or are you too smart for them and you are wise to their fiendish plots?

Depends on who you are. I remember a guy visiting me years ago when I had my first computer, this older fellow saw my monitor and announced he would never have one of those things in his house so the government could not spy on him. Like George Bush cares what I am doing. Maybe he was up to something bad. For that fact, I could be up to something too. No telling what I am going to cook up in the privacy of my home. It would be the most brilliant plan because no one would suspect a white, 40ish, mother of four, southern Baptist of plotting to take over the world. But only after I finish the laundry, the dishes, chauffer the kids, and do my four jobs.

With every big news event and every death of a big celebrity comes the dreaded Conspiracy Theories. Lately, I have been bombarded with the 9/11 theories which are impressing certain people I know. Which means, I have to defend what I believe to those who are making mountains out of mist and mirrors, or what I call half truths and rumors. I am not convinced yet that our own government blew up our twin towers. But go ahead, try me.

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What is a CT? (Conspiracy Theory) People who take an event and try to explain a secret, deceptive plot by a covert organization. Urban Legends differ in that they are folklore consisting of stories often though to be fact that are passed around, like rumors. In other words, make up something and pass it around until enough people know about it….so it must be true.

We naturally respond to these high emotionally charged events by trying to make sense of them.

We use CT’s in movies and novels to heighten the plot. Great for creative writing, but doesn’t always make for reality. We get use to them occurring in fiction and maybe train ourselves to think everything we encounter in life has a plot behind it.

Wacky theory number one: NASA Hoax. The Apollo Moon landings did not occur, they were fake and no man has been to the moon. Why? Because astronauts can not survive due to the radiation; photos were altered because crosshairs on some photos appear to be behind objects plus the quality of the photos are too good; no stars show up in any of the photos; identical backgrounds are used; moon’s surface during the day is too hot, film would have melted; the launch rocket produced no flame; no blast crater appeared from the landing and the flag placed flapped and there is not suppose to be any wind on the moon.

Are you convinced? My next question would be…..Why? Why today are we spending gazillions of dollars for NASA sites, personnel and all the extra to keep this a big secret. Face it….there was a man on the moon and it isn’t made of cheese.

Wacky CT number two: AREA 51, the secret alien installation in New Mexico. It is the UFO center of the world. Home to the crashed alien spacecraft from Roswell which has been studied and stored for decades. The government is keeping it all from us, maybe it’s like a Men in Black kind of thing. I hope Will Smith and Tommy Lee would use their powers against terrorist too.

Was Marilyn Monroe and Princess DI murdered? By governments? Is Elvis still alive? Why is Lassie still alive and making movies? And how did Ben Afleck make a good movie?

The levees? Did someone blow them up? Is their a government entity that has been waiting for the opportunity such as a Katrina, hording explosives, risking their own lives to set the charges during the storm and blow up levees that will in turn cost billions of dollars in damages, revenue, and wipe out both high rent and low rent areas? Or is it some racial group that is trying to wipe out a certain race in New Orleans? It all seems so dark and disturbing, even to think it. What frame of mind and abuse do you have to suffer to truly believe groups of people are out to do you in? It must be the world we live in. It does happen, but in America?

The Twin Towers Conspiracy theories states that U.S. government attacked the towers for political gain, something to do with oil. (Everything is about oil) Well where is my cheap oil then?

One reason that this is thought is due to the way the buildings fell, the free fall is said to be a characteristic of a controlled demolition. That steel buildings do not fall due to fire. They point out that Flight 77 was able to fly without being intercepted for 40 minutes. (From what I saw on the recent documentaries is that instead of a plot, it seemed like mass confusion, which flight, when to scramble and how to find it when it was flying so low under the radar)

Photographic evidence of the plane hitting the buildings showed dark, no windows and a plane with missiles underneath such as the government would use and a missile struck the Pentagon.

Much of it comes down to the steel structures and why they fell. Steel does not have to melt but if heated up at high temperatures, it will expand, loosen up and that was all that was needed. The spray fire retardant that was used on the steel was knocked off with the impact of the planes and the end of the towers was inevitable.

If you find yourself in a discussion with a CT enthusiast, then go to to debunking the 9/11 theories and it will detail the top 16 myths and hard evidence to disprove them.

I can not understand how you can live in a country as ours and believe all these evil intentions being carried out by our own government. Nor, do I think we should believe all that is told to us and some of it should be kept secret. But, if we can not have confidence in the people in power, we all are doomed.

The truth is, most citizens of this great country do not worry about CT’s, or what their government is doing unless it pertains to their own little world. Voting is a nuisance and is rarely executed. What can the government do for me instead of what is the government up to? Quick! Name the Secretary of State?

Our country is not perfect but with its flaws it is still the greatest country in all of the world where we can complain, accuse and dismiss conspiracy without anyone showing up at our door in the middle of the night.

I have my own theories as well. I believe that aliens do live among us and a majority of them are in Hollywood.

I think Katrina was a Benson plot to destroy the Super Dome so he could move his Saints to San Antonio, but unfortunately the Dome has survived and we got Reggie Bush. Go Saints.

I believe owners of McDonalds, Burger King and Krispy Kreme are in together to take over the U.S by killing us all off with their fat fast food.

We are being invaded by illegal immigrants from all over the world to come in and take over our country without firing a shot. The key word is illegal.

What do we do with all these worrymongers? These trying to create drama when drama is already there. I think the story that Osama is the evil bad dude works, why fix it.

I am gullible though, but at least I don’t believe in Santa and Bunnies. I have my limits.

I just hope we don’t have any more horrific events so that the conspiracy nuts have more ammunition to create more theories.

Stay safe in this scary world. By the way, maybe I am trying to convince you not to believe in conspiracy theories because I am in on them. Maybe I know who killed John F. Kennedy? Hmm.