Tobbacco more harmful than alcohol

Published 12:55 pm Friday, August 18, 2006


I read in Jeremy Pittari’s article that some religious groups are against legalizing the sale of alcohol. If they would think more objectively they would see that the more harmful product out there is tobacco. I call upon our church leaders to harness those energies into a more worthwhile war and start a campaign against smoking within our community. If our church leaders really care about the health of their congregation they will see the medical benefits of one or two glasses of red wine and preach the acceptance of that while teaching that tobacco kills not only those who use it but their loved ones, as well. A healthy church is a strong church and strong churches make for strong communities.

Honestly, those who choose to drink are doing so now. Why not legalize it, look at the tax revenue we are losing to Louisiana! It will only bring PRC into the 21st Century, increase property values, increase revenue, attract a different class of restaurants, provide more jobs, and allow those who choose to drink responsibly to do so without breaking the law. Those who choose not to consume alcoholic beverages simply have that right as well. If we are to advance as a community we must provide the infrastructure and laws that work for all citizens, not just those who oppose a certain lifestyle. A change in the laws allowing the sale of alcohol in PRC will allow our businesses and restaurants to thrive and grow.

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There is a significant amount of PRC citizens who enjoy a glass of wine with their evening meal. Under the current law this makes them all criminals, which is in itself a crime. Remember we live in the United States of America where freedom is our greatest treasure.

An earlier letter to the editor, written by B.S. Harrison, used incorrect facts as a scare tactic. He stated that if legalized in PRC, the sale of alcohol will lead to more unwanted pregnancies, more sexually transmitted diseases, more violent crimes, more suicides, more drownings, etc. Sounds like mayhem to me.

One of the most religious cities in the U.S., Salt Lake City, has managed to combine the decency of the public with the 21st Century and allows the sale of alcoholic beverages. I do not see the mayhem there. How about Columbus, Ohio? Do you read about the mayhem there? The sale of alcohol is legal in Folsom, LA. and I believe the number of unwed/teenage pregnancies is higher in Picayune without the sale of alcohol.

B.S. Harrison, you should rethink your argument.