Teen charged in incident at Hari Khrisna farm

Published 1:47 am Sunday, July 16, 2006

After months of harassing residents of the Hari Khrisna farm in Hancock County an unnamed juvenile was arrested after he tried to run down a farm resident.

The juvenile had been mud riding on the private property for the past two to three months, said Hancock County Sheriff’s Department Chief Investigator Kenny Hurt.

At first, the juvenile suspect denied his trespassing activities, Hurt said. After more evidence revealed the suspect’s involvement, the suspect was warned to stay off the property, Hurt said.

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The juvenile failed to heed the deputy’s warning andtrespassed Wednesday in an incident that almost turned deadly as he tried to run down a farm resident with his GMC “Jimmy”, Hurt said. Another resident of the farm shot at a front tire of the truck with bird shot, which did not immediatly flatten the tire, Hurt said. The suspect made it to the Pearl River County before his tire went flat, where he was picked up by responding Hancock County deputies the same day, Hurt said.

The juvenile was released on bond the same day but an aggravated assault with a motor vehicle warrant will be issued at which time the juvenile will be tried as an adult, Hurt said.

“He’s going to have to pay the piper now,” Hurt said.