Bay St. Louis, Waveland leaders settle annexation dispute

Published 10:56 pm Monday, July 3, 2006

Leaders in Bay St. Louis and Waveland have settled their legal dispute over who should annex a coveted stretch of land in Hancock County.

Under an agreement recently finalized, Bay St. Louis will receive the land from the eastern right-of-way of state Route 603 to the Jourdan River while Waveland will receive a parcel of land west of the Kiln-Waveland cutoff and the highway’s western right-of-way.

“Officials of both cities are pleased to end this litigation and look forward to working together on rebuilding their cities and Hancock County,” the statement said.

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The two cities went to court in November 2004 to seek permission to annex hand along the highway, an area locals call the “business corridor to Hancock County.”

A chancery judge initially allowed Bay St. Louis to annex the land along the east side of the highway to the river, but Waveland attorneys petitioned for a new trial after Hurricane Katrina struck, arguing the storm changed the landscape and finances of both towns.

The cities signed a joint statement and called the settlement a “historic resolution.”