23 volunteers training to be part-time Adams Co. deputies

Published 7:47 pm Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Adams County sheriff’s office is training 23 volunteers to become part-time deputies when the agency needs more manpower.

“We plan on putting them to work,” Sheriff Ronnie Brown said. “Like last year when the hurricane came through, we could have used them. We can use them on the street. We might need extra people in court one day, so we can call on the volunteers.”

The volunteers, who will not be compensated, are nearing the midpoint of the 200 hours to complete the course, Brown said recently. He said the training is the same as for any deputy.

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While the certificates they will receive at the end of the 10-week course are valid statewide, Brown said he expects most graduates to stay and help their community.

Stephen Guido, a drilling contractor, said he volunteered because he has always been interested in law enforcement.

“I’ve got time to do it now, to volunteer, to give back to the community,” Guido said.

He said he was impressed by the instructors, who teach everything from testing blood alcohol levels to firearms safety. He said the physical training is not for the faint of heart.

“It’s pretty strenuous, especially for someone 50-something years old,” he said.

Gail Jones, Guido’s sister, is also in the training program. She recently moved back to Natchez after 20 years in Colorado.

“I was very interested in the possibility of being able to help out if there was another Katrina or another disaster that happened,” Jones said. “Now that I’m in the class, it has opened up a whole world as far as law enforcement.”

Veterinarian Tom Borum said he was enjoying the training and was already thinking about time he could spend volunteering.

He said he joined the program because he was interested in law enforcement and thought it would be good to have the training.

“I’m getting far more out of the program than I thought I’d be when I signed up,” he said.