Run off election goes to Fleming

Published 9:41 pm Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Unofficial reports reflect that Erik Fleming won Pearl River County in the Democratic Primary run-off election with 99 votes.

Light turnout and more experience with the new voting machines lead to an uneventful day for most poll workers, still there were minor problems.

A training class taught by the Diebold technician helped with some issues poll workers faced in the first election with the new machines, said Russell Foster. The training went over the proper procedure of opening and closing the machines, which to Foster made the election yesterday easier.

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“We had superb teachers,” said poll worker Gloistine Travis.

Video tapes were available for poll workers to take home for later viewing, Foster said.

Some poll workers still dealt with some issues, however.

“It was a little easier today, but there are still some little quirks,” said poll worker Charlene Travis.

Charlene Travis said one of the machines at the poll she was working failed to work properly the whole day and the remaining one gave her some minor trouble. She suggests, half in jest, Diebold make miniature versions of the machines for poll workers to take home so they have ample time to become accustomed to them.

Most of the other poll workers reported a relatively uneventful election day with few problems.

“I thought it was going to be bad today but it wasn’t,” said poll worker Becky Harges.

Some of the minor issues given included improperly inserted parts in the machines, voter card reader errors and low voter turnout.

The two candidates in the run-off were Fleming and Bill Bowlin. Bowlin received 83 votes to Fleming’s 99 in Pearl River County.