Hearts in Touch

Published 3:30 pm Monday, March 15, 2021

By Ronny Michel

I had never been to Ethel, Louisiana, and the three family members who accompanied me to attend a family wedding there may wish I had not tagged along. My son-in-law Frank drove with my daughter Monique in the front seat, while my daughter Elise and I rode in the back. The fact that Elise and I were applying press-on nails didn’t prevent me from keeping an eye on the road and every turn we took.

                “How long will we be on this road?” I asked again and again as we navigated unfamiliar paths. Houses and businesses dotted the largely deserted way to our destination.

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                “We’re on the right road.” “A little while.” “We’ll get there eventually.” And variations of those phrases answered the question I never grew tired of asking during our 90-minute drive. One stretch was under construction, another had speed limits that varied, and some were dark and winding, but we stayed on course and finally arrived.

                After parking, we began the walk to the house when Elise spotted a vehicle approaching us. “Do you think he’ll pick us up and drive us there?”

                “I’m 61 years old and wearing heels,” I said. “I guarantee he’ll stop.” And he did and we rode up to the house just in time.

                Life’s an adventure, and every turn brings a different experience. I don’t know what part of the journey you’re on right now, or how long you’ll be on that road, but I pray you’re looking to the One who has set your course and is committed to your success.

                Slow down a little if your path is taking a lot of turns, but keep moving forward. Let the light of God’s word be a constant guide. If you’re like me, sometimes you realize that it’s you, and not your surroundings, that are under construction. Grow through what you go through. And if someone wants to stop and help you, let them.

Ronny can be reached at rmichel@rtconline.com