Cemetery to be fenced

Published 7:00 am Saturday, August 11, 2018

Tuesday, a contentious matter came to an end. To reach that victory a compromise was agreed upon.

The matter in question was whether a cemetery in the heart of Picayune would ever have a fence installed around its perimeter.

For months, Councilor Larry Breland asked his fellow city leaders for a fence at the Eighth Street Cemetery similar to one erected around the city’s newest cemetery on Palestine Road and Crosby Commons on Goodyear Boulevard.

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Each time Breland brought this matter before the Council, it was voted down by a majority of members.

The reason for voting it down made sense from the outside, there just wasn’t enough money in the budget to conduct the work at that time.

But others, including Breland saw it as an act of division.

Tuesday, the Council approved a motion to install a black vinyl coated chain link fence complete with estate gates at the city cemetery.

It’s not the fence Breland asked for, but it is decorative in its own right.

This fence will also will serve the purpose Breland sought, restricting access to the cemetery and thereby reducing vandalism.

Black vinyl coated chain link fence may not have the same decorative qualities as the pseudo wrought iron fence around Crosby Commons and the Palestine Road Cemetery, but it’s a worthy compromise.

For months I’ve watched the Council debate this matter. From my perspective, it wasn’t about whether the work should be done, but more a matter of timing and finances.

You see, just like with our personal finances, fiscally responsible city governments time their purchases, rather than buying everything everyone wants whenever they want it.

I’m glad the Council was able to come to a compromise on this matter.

I’m also hopeful that all Council members will remember that in order to conduct city improvements without breaking the bank, sometimes it means waiting.