Discard waste items properly

Published 7:00 am Saturday, March 17, 2018

Annually our county leaders set aside $200,000 to reduce the amount of trash on the side of our local roads.

Those funds support the efforts of county litter control crews, which pick up an average of five tons of garbage daily.

Could you imagine getting a monthly bill for residential garbage pick up totaling more than $16,000? It could be assumed that any county resident that got such a bill would not only dispute that charge, but find a way to reduce it significantly. 

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But this service is necessary because far too many of our neighbors see the roads as their personal dumpsite.  Instead of keeping  a bag in their car or at least holding on to the refuse until a waste basket can be found, hands can be seen poking out of open car windows across Pearl River County, indiscreetly releasing their waste to the wind.

Littering the sides of the roads not only forces the additional spending of our hard earned tax money but it diminishes the beauty of our county but could endanger another’s personal property or even their lives.

Discarded lit cigarettes into dry grass can lead to a major wildfire, forcing first responders to put their lives at risk. And if that fire poses a risk to a person’s home, their lives could also be at risk in addition to the structure.

While some people may say that the trusty inmates seen on the side of the road are kept busy by their littering habit, just imagine the other services these people could provide to our community if they weren’t picking up trash. Trusty inmates also help keep county buildings clean, and vehicles maintained.

If they didn’t have to pick up trash, the county could potentially use their help with keeping our severely damaged roads maintained. 

Overall, we should encourage each other to put an end to littering so we can put our efforts and money to better use.