Can shake to help one of our nation’s great heroes

Published 5:49 pm Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Very often we see people helping other people within Pearl River County.

Sometimes it might be something as simple as holding the door for a stranger to something a bit more involved such as a passerby stopping to ask a stranded motorist if they need a hand or a lift somewhere.

Then there are the more complicated matters, such as one person helping another person with repairs to a home that is in a state of major disrepair.

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Too often we get wrapped up in the frantic rush of our day-to-day lives that we forget there are people out there who could use a hand. Instead of holding the door, we rush through the entry way, instead of stopping to ask that stranded motorist if they need help we think to ourselves that certainly help is already on the way.

Saturday we all have an opportunity to help a fellow community member in need.

One group of individuals, who includes members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars to private citizens, is raising funds for a World War II veteran whose home is in great need of replacement.

I like to think that after a person serves in the armed forces, and especially puts his life on the line by going into war more than once, his needs are met for the rest of his life.

But apparently that is not the case.

So to fill that gap, a can shake will be held at the intersection of Highway 43 North and U.S. 11 Saturday from 9 a.m. to noon.

Many times, we pass through these can shakes and often wonder why the people are collecting money. And even more often, if we don’t know where or to whom those funds will go, we don’t even crack the window.

But this Saturday, we all have an opportunity to help one of our nation’s greatest heroes, a man who went into war to protect our civil liberties.