PRC Sheriff’s Department arrest reports collected 3-8-17

Published 10:08 am Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Mary E. Mizell, 35, of 1 Morgan Lee Road, Poplarville; arrested Feb. 9 for willful trespassing.


Bernard Terry, 41, of 828 Suttora Lane, Carriere; arrested Feb. 21 for driving with suspended/revoked license.

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Amber Tastet, 25, of 20113 Daugherty Road, Longbeach; arrested Feb. 23 for controlled substance violations.


Alex Rayburn Hutchins, 34, of 45 Whitefield Dr., Poplarville; arrested Feb. 23 for three counts of contempt of court, three counts of possession of paraphernalia and one count of simple assault domestic violence.


Triston G. Trotter, 20, of 40 Gales Davis Road, Lumberton; arrested Feb. 23 for three counts of contempt of court.


William Thompson, 59, of 508 S FZ Dawsey Road; arrested Feb. 23 for bad check.


Anthony Kyle Powers, 28, of 150 Hereford St., New Hope, AL; arrested Feb. 24 for contempt of court.


Linda Darnelle Travis, 48, of 1 White Sand Road; arrested Feb. 25 for possession of a controlled substance and possession of beer/wine in a dry county.


Jerry L Fowler, 58, of 347 Peters Road, Poplarville; arrested Feb. 25 for two counts of contempt of court, possession of a controlled substance and possession of beer/wine in a dry county.


Krystall Googins, 32, of 4138 Walnut St., Slidell; arrested Feb. 27 for shoplifting.


Stephen Ross Martin, 30, of 29 Sam Powell Road; arrested Feb. 27 for simple assault aggravated assault domestic violence.


Blake Ryan Miley, 21, of 41 Family Lane, Carriere; arrested Feb. 28 for three counts of contempt of court and probation violation.


Patrick Hoolahan, 45, of 1303 Center St., Arbary, LA; arrested March 1 for disorderly conduct failure to comply.


Bradley Joseph Mills, 47, of Carriere; arrested March 1 for failure to comply with requests of officer.


Lisa Ann Smith, 34, of 47 Rochelle Drive, Lumberton; arrested March 1 for expired vehicle tag, no license and no insurance.


Joel Royce Quinn, 44, no address; arrested March 1 or contempt of court.


Tara Dean, 44, of 5015 Nathan Necaise Road, Perkinston, MS; arrested March 3 for possession of paraphernalia.


Paul Ladner, 54, of 46 Dosion Circle, Purvis; arrested March 3 for probation violation.


Charles Stafford, 24, of 84 S. Morel Road, Poplarville; arrested March 4 for contempt of court.


Jessica D. Williams, 34, of 37 Mars Island Road; arrested March 5 for two counts of simple assault domestic violence, sale of a controlled substance within 1,500 feet of a school or church and holding for another agency.


Faith Clark, 34, of 8343 Broswell Road, Atlanta, Ga.; arrested March 5 for simple assault, aggravated assault domestic violence.


Randal Moore, 59, of 58 Big Springs Road; arrested March 5 for felony aggravated domestic violence.


Chase Elijha Lee, 27, of 39 Harvey Burks Road; arrested March 5 for simple assault domestic violence and probation violations


Jared Prithcard, 24, of 70445 Lyon Lane, Lacombe, La.; arrested march 5 for DUI refusal to submit to test, possession of alcohol in a motor vehicle and probation violation.