Respect your elders

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The custom of respecting your elders has been since Biblical times. These folks have conquered life and are now at the point where we should give them further recognition and learn from their life experiences to help us through.

On Sept.10, Adopt a Grandparent Day is celebrated by encouraging residents of the community to visit local nursing homes to keep the elderly company and build relationships. The following day is Grandparents Day, where we show our appreciation and honor our older family members.

As a child, I saw my grandparents almost every day. I enjoy every memory and moment I share with them to this day. I would never change anything about that. I learned more about life through my grandparents than any textbook or teacher could ever show me. 

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From seeing how happy my grandparents are after 62 years of marriage, to life lessons instilled from having an everyday conversation, I am blessed to understand what life is truly about because of my grandparents. If you have ever had a conversation with me and asked how I was doing, you have heard me say, “Everything is beautiful.” This is because my grandfather told me that when I was a child and influenced my perspective of life. 

It might be a simple phrase, but the meaning behind it is powerful. Also, both sides of my family displayed true compassion, being together, showing the importance of family attachment, starting with the grandparents.

From my experience, grandparents know the secret to a happy life. Most people go through their early years not knowing what the meaning of life is. 

However, if you sit down and build a close relationship with your grandparents, their advice on life, through their experiences, could positively transform your perspective.

Because your grandparents have known who you are since birth, they have an understanding of what life means to you. I do know this, if people lived every day knowing “everything is beautiful,” life will be a fun ride.