On Point Designs providing unique items in Poplarville

Published 7:00 am Tuesday, July 19, 2016

On Point Designs owner Luciene Putnam uses her unique design experience to implement custom designs for her each of her customers.

On Point Designs owner Luciene Putnam uses her unique design experience to implement personality into each of her designs for her customers.

From Brazil to Singapore to the United States, Luciene Putnam brings a special creativity to people of all ages with her boutique, On Point Designs.
Putnam described her boutique and monogram store as “very unique,” with it’s wide array of services including monogramming, applique, sublimation and shoes and jewelry sales.
“What I take pride in is making something special for my customers. I try to customize whatever I can. If it can fit under my machine, I can customize it,” said Putnam.
On her Facebook page, Putnam displays things she has customized like straw hats and even a crock-pot.
Being born in Brazil, Putnam said that her passion and creativity are “one-of-a-kind,” separating her store from others.
“My mother was a seamstress in Brazil for 40 years and her mother did the same thing. I have always been around design and for me to be able to open my own store and do what I love makes me happy,” said Putnam.
She opened On Point Designs storefront in October of 2015 after spending a year working from her home. Before starting her business, she was a stay-at-home mother.
“I was tired of sitting around the house. I am a go-getter so when I got the idea of starting my own business, I took it and am still running with it,” said Putnam.
She said she decided to open her business once she began running out of inventory space at her home.
On Point Designs has plenty to offer, but the unique aspect of the store is the variety and quality of designs Putnam can produce, said On Point Designs Manager Karen Hotard.
“What I try to do here is make custom products for each customer. I strive to put personality in each of my designs and make sure each piece I make is unique to that person,” said Putnam.
On Point Designs also provides a sublimation service, a process of making products scratch, rust and wash resistant. It can be applied to any product, like front license plates, coffee mugs or almost anything else that could be scratched, said Hotard.
Putnam said that customers can either select products to be monogrammed or customized from the wide selection sold in the store, or bring in their own product. Every service Putnam provides can be completed within an hour as long as there is no waiting list, said Putnam.
“I don’t just use one design for everything, I like to change it up and I feel like that is a great way to personalize things and make them yours,” said Putnam.
Sixteen years ago, Putnam said she came to the United States from Brazil only knowing one word in English, “coffee.” She then moved to Singapore for three years where she went to school and became fluent in English, giving her the confidence to pursue her dream of design.
“At first I wanted to go into interior design, but after being in Mississippi, I realized that I could be creative in monogramming and once I tried it, I fell in love. I have never complained. If I could spend all day every day here designing I would,” said Putnam.
On Point Designs is unlike other boutique in the area, Putnam said, because they carry all sizes from three to curvy and provide services for people of all ages.
Currently, Putnam has two employees, but that is not stopping her from reaching her goals for the business.
“My goal for On Point Designs is to keep expanding,” said Putnam. “I love what I do and if I can spread my joy to others on a bigger scale, that would put a smile on my face.”
Putnam plans on opening a second store in a couple of years.
With a website in the making, Putnam displays her inventory and designs on the store’s Facebook page, On Point Designs by Lu.
Appointments for monogramming can be made by calling the store at 601-795-0793. She also accepts walk-in clients. The store is located at 1616 Highway 53 South in Poplarville.

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