Bo’s story gives me hope

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, June 15, 2016

As a reporter, I’ve had to write about tragic circumstances and unpleasant news, it comes with the territory.
However, in my role as lifestyle writer, I get the chance to write about the great things the people in this community do for one another.
Back in March I met a young man named Bo. We are the same age, but Bo was born with Angelman Syndrome, which delayed his developmental growth. He has problems with speech, suffers from seizures and also has problems with walking and balancing.
In that initial story, I wrote about Bo’s desire to ride a bike of his own. Because of his condition, he cannot ride a typical bike. So, family and friends decided to throw a benefit to raise money to buy him a special needs bike.
The day the story printed in the paper I got a phone call from the Kiwanis Club of the Greater Picayune Area asking how to get in touch with Bo and his mom, Betty High.
A couple of days later, I received a call from the Poplarville Women’s Club. They also wanted to donate to the cause.
Nothing gave me greater pleasure than to call Betty and tell her the news. Their efforts included a bake sale and bank fundraiser, which were also successes, thanks to the generous members of this community.
In less than a month, Betty had the money for Bo’s bike and soon ordered it.
I don’t know who was more anxious about its arrival, Betty or I. I was beyond excited to see Bo’s face and write the follow up story about Bo’s quest for a bike.
Last Friday, I managed to control my tears, while I was taking pictures of an elated Bo. But once in my car and driving home, I couldn’t stop the happy tears from flowing and the constant grinning.
I called my husband and mom and tried to explain to them the great thing that had transpired that afternoon.
Bo’s story has a happy ending made possible by the generosity of the loving people in this county.
Due to their generosity, there’s a young man who will have a constant smile on his face thanks to the good-hearted and loving people in this county.
Because of that fact, I will have to continue to try and believe that there is more love than hate in this world.

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