Tax increase

Published 7:00 am Saturday, May 14, 2016

There are a several things that are certain in life, two of which are taxes and death, as the saying goes.
With news that the tax assessments within Pearl River County are being reworked, or increased, I’m not looking forward to my next tax bill.
Long story short, one way or another I’m expecting the property taxes on my home to go up.
This increase is not being done by Pearl River County Tax Assessor Gary Beech, but rather by the implementation of a new appraisal manual set to go into effect this year.
Beech said the reason for the increase will be due to the increased value of all of the components used to build a home.
These increases are expected to be between 10 to 15 percent, but some people may see an even greater bump to the assessed value of their home, and therefore a higher tax bill.
As any homeowner knows, the county generates the bulk of their operating revenue from collecting taxes on property, most of which comes from homes and businesses.
But, state law says that the county’s administration is restricted on how much they can increase taxes; up to 10 percent at most.
This means if what Beech expects to occur does happen, then the county will be required by law to decrease their millage rate.
That would mean the value of a mill would be less than it is now, but still generate more revenue in the long run for the county to maintain roads, pay county employees and operate the various offices that provide services.
What the public needs to be aware of is what their individual assessment will be.
The assessed value for each property can be viewed at the county courthouse in August before they are finalized.
So, take a second to stop by there, look through the blue books sitting on the table in the meeting room of the county’s board of supervisors and if you see a discrepancy that needs to be addressed, don’t wait to do so.

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