The places you go

Published 7:00 am Thursday, March 31, 2016

Wednesday, as I was standing on the side of I-59 waiting for Victor Buckley to write his statement, his friend Bill Barrett said, “Boy, you really have an exciting job.”
He’s right. I’m not stuck behind a desk or confined to the same room eight hours per day.
More often than not, I’m driving around this large county, either looking for storm damage after a tornado rolls through or visiting the home of someone I’m going to write a lifestyle story about.
There’s the Relay for Life dance and the Mardi Gras ball, which are fun to attend.
I can also be found at the county’s schools interviewing students and telling our readers about the wonderful things happening in our classrooms.
Wednesday, I conducted my first interview on the Interstate with someone who took a vow of silence. I’ve met an astronaut, famous musicians and authors.
But, I really enjoy meeting people like Bo Boyd. He has Angelman Syndrome, but you wouldn’t know anything was wrong with him after catching a glimpse of his big smile and happy personality.
Unlike Buckley who chose not to speak during his trip, Boyd is unable to speak more than a few words.
However, with a couple of finger points and nods of his head, I understood him when he let me know he was ready for me to take his photograph.
We are about the same age and, as I watched him walk around his yard, I wished for the same positivity.
While I do enjoy my pessimistic side, for one day, I would like to experience the same amount of joy Boyd did during our short one-hour visit.
Unlike him, I can ride a bike if I choose, speak to anyone and take care of myself. However, in my opinion, that’s not the key to happiness.
He is surrounded by a loving family and enjoys the life he has. We should all take note and remember to enjoy even the smallest things, like riding a bike.

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