I voted, did you?

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, March 9, 2016

In case you missed it, yesterday was Election Day.
If, for some reason, you did forget, it’s not because you have not been reminded several times.
Did you not vote because you feel disdain for the whole process? Or, did you just not care to stop by your local polling place?
From time to time I hear complaints from voters that they did not know where they were supposed to go to vote.
If all else fails, go to the last place you voted and the poll workers there will point you in the right direction if things have changed.
In the past 10 years since I began voting, my polling place has changed, but typically rotates between one of three places.
But, the best way to identify your current voting precinct is to read the most recent voter registration card mailed to you.
On that card is the address of your current polling place. If you receive a new one in the mail, examine it carefully, and place it in your wallet or purse for future reference.
To me, it’s not the regular changes to polling places or the rants during debates that make some candidates look like kindergarteners that make me consider not voting.
It’s the fact our country still does not utilize the popular vote to select our president.
Instead, it’s the members of the Electoral College who ultimately decide the outcome of this nation’s presidential race.
While I still went to the poll to cast my vote, the existence of the Electoral College at times makes me question why I still do it. Am I wasting my time?
I’d like to think my vote still counts, but several times throughout our nation’s history candidates have taken the oath of office without actually winning the popular vote. The most recent example occurred in 2000.
While George W. Bush took office, Al Gore actually received the majority of the popular vote.
To me, the public would have a greater feeling of involvement if the popular vote were the determining factor on who leads the nation.

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