Easter holidays filled with joy, family

Published 7:00 am Friday, March 25, 2016

It’s hard to believe that Easter will be celebrated this Sunday.
Seems like only yesterday, I was hurrying around trying to finish Christmas shopping.
I’ve always enjoyed Easter. One of my favorite things about the holiday, was when my mom bought my sister and I a new pair of white shoes to match the Easter dresses she sewed. I couldn’t wait to put on my frilly dress, have my hair fixed and slide my feet into those new patent leather shoes.
I was sure I would be the best-dressed girl at Sunday school.
My family is quite large and being the second oldest of 32 grandchildren, you can only imagine what our Easter egg hunts used to look like.
I only remember winning once and I was given a kite for my effort.
The night before Easter Sunday, we always dye Easter eggs, a tradition that continues now that I’m in my thirties.
Monday, I watched my mom and dad teach my nephew how to dye eggs. It was such a warm moment between the three of them. He is very observant and a quick learner.
As a child, when I woke on Easter morning, I remember finding baskets filled with gifts and candy. They always looked so cute. My sister and I still have our original baskets, which survived Hurricane Katrina.
Nowadays, I don’t buy a new pair of white shoes, wear a new handmade dress to church or hunt eggs.
Most of the commercial items are designed for children so it’s a fun way to celebrate the holiday with them.
However, we should not forget the real reason of the holiday and maybe, if you are a person of faith, attend a local church service to give thanks.
Whatever way you choose to celebrate, I hope you all have a wonderful holiday.

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