Tanning is not the real problem

Published 7:00 am Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Cancers are one of many types of illnesses not entirely understood, but advancements in medical science are providing tips on things to avoid to help reduce the risk.
However, in spite of all the warnings, some people will just do whatever they want.
Picture a tanning bed, and then pan over to a generic piece of paper representing a bill that will prevent minors from ever using one again.
Everyone has heard the old wives tale of a high school senior, bride to be or some other variation of the story, that involved a young woman cooking her internal organs while spending way too much time in a tanning bed.
While this story is completely false, it is well known that there are dangers associated with too much of anything, especially fake sunlight. Even real sunlight should be enjoyed in moderation, with sunscreen.
So to prevent young people from partaking in tanning beds, a bill is on the table, House Bill 1182 and Senate Bill 2076. If it passes, people younger than 18 would no longer have access to tanning beds.
What we are neglecting to see is the real problem, low self-esteem.
The tone of one’s skin does not make them beautiful. There’s so much more to being attractive to the opposite sex, and a tan is not a prerequisite. While physical appearance is one factor, attitude, intelligence, independence and maturity are the things some people look for. In fact, those are the things most people should be looking for in a potential mate, among other traits too numerous to list.
This is where parents can lead their children to safety by instilling in them that they are beautiful, even if their skin is not perfectly tanned.
A bill passed by a legislative body is not going to prevent someone from seeking the ultimate tan if that is what they perceive as beauty.

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