It’s time for a change

Published 7:00 am Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tic-toc, tic-toc. The trusted timepiece unceremoniously and without fail measured the fleeting moments. She gazed inquiringly at her charge as the days slowly slipped into nothingness alarmed at the regularity of this occurrence. Her human failed to hear the warning with every tic of the faithful little clock.
“Why doesn’t she stop to notice that time is precious and should not be wasted,” thought the little clock in dismay. If only I could talk!
My little clock was right; time is precious. And on more occasions than I care to admit, I have wasted it. I was well on my way to becoming caught up in the Facebook world until I realized that my priorities were slowly slipping into oblivion. As I mindlessly scrolled down my computer screen many hours disappeared with nothing to show for them. Just taking a peak at what my friends were up to was my intention, but it rarely took just a moment. I planned to stay on track, but what should have been five minutes of scrolling easily morphed into an hour or more.
And that was only part of it. My outings became photo shoots to share with my friends on Facebook rather than opportunities to share life with the ones around me. Thank goodness I wasn’t so far down the slippery slope that I succumbed to “selfies!” One day I woke up and realized that I was spending time trying to get the best picture instead of having the best conversation. It’s really hard to focus on what someone is saying when you’re checking out the background lighting for your next photo op!
By this time you may recognize yourself or someone you know. Technology is really amazing and helpful, but as with any form of entertainment the person using it must be mindful of time spent in order to keep things in balance.
“Balance,” now that’s a good word. According to Webster’s, balance means “a state in which different things occur in equal and proper amounts or have an equal or proper amount of importance.” When things get out of balance in my life I usually go cold turkey on the culprit for a while; then things fall back into place. Now, after a brief hiatus, I’m happy to note that my phone and social media only take up a small corner of my day and focus.
I actually leave my cellphone in my purse at a restaurant and enjoy the food and conversation. Life is what we make it, and I want to make mine memorable. Savoring each relationship and moment to the fullest is my plan, and I can’t accomplish this unless I spend time “unplugged” from the world.
Years ago, when I was a little girl, I remember my grandma had an old rotary phone. It rang quite often because she was on a party line. That meant that the neighbors could hear your ring and vice-versa. You could also listen to their conversation if you were feeling particularly nosey. Technology has certainly progressed, but people remain the same. In the old days, the more important things in life could be pushed to the side as the phone lines fairly smoked with the tales that flew across them. Technology today brings with it a different set of temptations, but it’s all really the same beast.

To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven. Ecclesiastes 3:1 (KJV)

By Jan Penton Miller

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