So far away

Published 7:00 am Friday, December 18, 2015

When my sister got married to a man working in the Coast Guard, I knew they would be moving to a new location every three years.
Since her wedding, I’ve visited them in Corpus Christi, Texas; Paris, Tennessee and Saugerties, New York.
I enjoy traveling so it gives me the chance to explore new places.
My brother-in-law made chief this year, a feat of which I’m very proud. He’s been waiting to hear news of this promotion and the new location they would be transferred to next May.
Wednesday, my sister called; they are moving to Ketchikan, Alaska.
This also means they will be taking my nephew with them. When I looked it up, Ketchikan is 3,421 miles away from the Picayune Item’s office.
During his 16 months on this Earth, I’ve seen him in person three times. I still get to see him on Facetime quite frequently, which is something I don’t take for granted.
I know I’m not the only person who lives far away from family and know the struggle of watching loved ones grow up from afar. But, the news is still a shock, even though I’m very proud of my brother-in-law, there is a sadness that can’t be easily fixed.
The panic has set in and I’m already trying to figure out ways to visit them in Alaska. My mom immediately began checking flight costs when she heard the news.
Many of you I’ve interviewed may be familiar with my nephew because I show his precious pictures to nearly everyone I meet here.
It’s safe to say I’m proud of him and am quite enamored with his infectious smile.
Even though it may take some time for the news to sink in, I hope I will handle it with a bit of dignity and be thankful for the time I get share with him, whether it be in person or via iPad. I’m just sad to miss so much of his growth and the ability to squeeze his cheeks or play chase with him.
I’ll leave you with this. Be grateful for the loved ones who surround you. Don’t ever take for granted the fact that you may be be able to walk down the street or take a short drive to see your loved ones and spend every holiday with them.
For me, the most important thing in this world is my family and though they may be far away at times, the bonds we have will last the distance.

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