The Gemma effect

Published 7:00 am Friday, November 20, 2015

In an effort to save money, in January of this year, I decided put myself on a no-handbag buy for the duration of 2015. In retrospect, I should have put myself on a no-shoe buy because what money I didn’t spend on handbags, I spent on shoes. But I digress.
My doting husband surprised me with a handbag for our second wedding anniversary; not just any handbag, a black leather motorcycle-style bag.
After my self-inflicted handbag drought, I was ecstatic.
An added bonus is that the bag reminds me of one of my favorite television characters, Gemma Teller from “Sons of Anarchy.”
Granted, we don’t live by the same moral code, but I appreciate her character’s ability to stand up for herself and those she loves. She also gets to ride on the back of a motorcycle, which is something I’ve always wanted to try.
Her love of family, I practice all the time. I will do anything within my powers to ensure their safety and happiness.
The part of Gemma’s personality I would love to acquire is her confidence when surrounded with adversity.
In situations when conflicts arise, I tend to either become too hot headed or the complete opposite, meek as a mouse.
Speaking my mind and standing up for myself is only something I’ve learned to do in the past few years.
I realized that I might be missing out on a few things if I’m constantly keeping quiet about things that are important.
Throughout the duration of the television series, Gemma was not always right and often acted out of haste or anger.
If I’ve learned anything from her, it is that you have to choose your battles wisely and never make an important decision when you are too overwrought with emotion, exasperation and fury.

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