Acts of kindness

Published 7:00 am Friday, May 1, 2015

There are moments in life that restore my faith in humanity.
In the past week, I’ve experienced two random acts of kindness that have done just that.
Last week, I lost my phone, due to a serious lack of judgment.
Despite my efforts, I was unable to locate my device that day.
Wednesday, I received a call from a local man who told me that his son had found my phone and they wanted to ensure that it was returned to its rightful owner.
I was ecstatic for two reasons. The first was that I would be able to recover my photographs and the second was because of the honesty and integrity I found in this man and his son.
Nowadays, the first thoughts that may enter a person’s mind when they find an expensive phone on the ground are not always honorable. They may want to find ways to steal your information or just sell the phone.
I would like to express my thanks to this family, for not only returning the phone, but, most importantly, for raising your child to be just like you, a man with apparent integrity, honesty and goodwill.
The second act of kindness occurred last Thursday as I was leaving the office after work the tire on my car went flat.
Admittedly, I do not know how to change a tire and also have a hard time picking one up, especially the large wheels on my vehicle.
As chance would have it, a deputy with the Pearl River County Sheriff’s Department was behind me and immediately got out of his car to lend a helping hand when he saw I was in trouble.
He changed my tire and instructed me on how fast to drive with the temporary spare and to make sure that I got the tire fixed as soon as possible.
The concern he showed for my well being left an impression on me that won’t soon be forgotten.
In conclusion, not only does it feel great to be the recipient of these acts of kindness, but it also inspires me to continue distributing my own acts of kindness.

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