Aging computers may need to be replaced

Published 7:00 am Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Is your computer running slower every day? When you try to launch a program do you get the eternal hourglass or rainbow wheel?
If so it may be time for a new computer to speed things up.
This year Microsoft is planning to release a new operating system, Windows 10.
The Macintosh operating system also released a new version late last year, Yosemite.
But with all of the ever-changing hardware and software, which one is right for you?
For fans of Microsoft products, you may want to wait until the new version of Windows is released. It’s said to bring back the “start” button on the bottom left of the screen, and hopefully be easier to use.
If you have a Macintosh product, you can probably get away with updating to the newest operating system. I updated a 2010 Macbook pro to Yosemite and saw a major improvement.
When looking for a device, you will want to consider if you will use optical disks or not. Almost every new Macintosh product does not come with a built in optical drive, but they are sold separately. I still use optical disks on occasion, so having a built in drive is handy.
If you opt for a computer with an optical drive, it would be best to go for a Blu-ray variant, since it is compatible with the older technology of DVDs and CDs.
New technology has also been released for wireless connectivity, so be sure to purchase a laptop or tablet that supports the newer “ac” speeds being released on recent wireless routers. While the current standard, “n”, is pretty fast, “ac” boosts your connectivity speed substantially, a great feature when transferring large files between networked computers.
Shop around and look for a good deal, but ultimately you get what you pay for.

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