General election preview

Published 7:00 am Thursday, October 30, 2014

Election Preview
By Dart Spiers

Pearl River County will hold general elections on Tuesday, Nov. 4, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Absentee ballots being submitted through the mail must be received by the registrar by 5:00 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 3, while any absentee voter who plans to submit their ballot in person must do so by noon on Saturday.
In the race for United States Senator, Reform candidate Shawn O’Hara and Democrat Travis Childers will challenge incumbent Republican Senator Thad Cochran, who has held his seat since 1978.
The election for Mississippi’s fourth Congressional District features incumbent Republican Steven McCarty Palazzo running against Democrat Matt Moore, Independent candidate Cindy Burleson, Independent candidate Ed Reich, Reform candidate Eli Jackson and Libertarian Joey Robinson.
In the nonpartisan judicial election for Circuit Court Judge, District 15, Place 1, James L. ‘Jim’ Gray is running against Anthony A. Mozingo. Prentiss G. Harrell is running unopposed for Place 2.
There will be a nonpartisan judicial election for Chancery Court Judge, District 10, Places 1 through 4. Deborah J. Gambrell is running unopposed for Place 1, and Dawn H. Beam is running unopposed for Place 2. Johnny Lee Williams is running unopposed for Place 3, and M. Ronald Doleac is running unopposed for Place 4.
Richelle Lumpkin is running unopposed for Pearl River County Court Judge in a nonpartisan election.
Phyllis Neel is running unopposed for Lumberton Line School Board Member, District 5, which is also a nonpartisan election.
The race for District 2 Supervisor includes nine candidates: James Ernie Clark, Bradley Holston, Everett Earl Lawrence, H. R. ‘Ray’ Mitchell Jr., Matt Mitchell, Malcolm Perry, Daryl Smith, Joseph ‘Josey’ Russell Tynes, and Frank Vaccarella.
Voters will be asked to vote for one candidate for each office if they choose to vote for a candidate in that office.
Tuesday’s election will also feature a statewide initiative measure, House Concurrent Resolution 30, which states, “This proposed constitutional amendment establishes hunting, fishing, and the harvesting of wildlife, including by the use of traditional methods, as a constitutional right subject only to such regulations and restrictions that promote wildlife conservation and management as the Legislature may prescribe by general law.” Voters are asked to select “Yes” or “No” when voting on this issue. A vote for “Yes” means they agree hunting should be a state right.
Anyone who plans on voting in person must have valid photo identification if they wish to cast a ballot. Any state or federal form of identification will serve as a valid means of identification. For information on the closest available polls or absentee voting procedures, visit the Mississippi Secretary of State website at

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