Beautification projects enhance our cities

Published 7:00 am Thursday, October 23, 2014

In the recent past there has been a major push by the city of Picayune to beautify the municipality.
Efforts to remove unsightly temporary signs have lessened the presence of expired garage sale notifications, new light poles provide nightly pedestrians with a clear path to their destination and the work at Crosby Commons will provide residents with a safe and beautiful place to hold events, walk dogs or get some exercise.
One project planned for North Main Street entails the construction of a new decorative parking lot, similar to the one across from PJ’s Coffee.
However, there is a small issue with that plan. While the facade on the buildings that make up PJ’s and its neighbors are easy on the eyes, the same does not apply to the facade on the building at the other side of the street.
The front of that building is an eyesore, and therefore requires a facelift before the true benefits of the new parking lot could be realized.
But that is a minor roadblock in what the city is trying to achieve.
With extra parking across the street it would be beneficial for the owner of the building to spruce up the building’s frontage, allowing the owner to attract more tenants.
But the city’s beautification efforts don’t stop there. Residents cruising along Goodyear Boulevard have no doubt noticed a number of decorative street signs in key locations.
City officials say that more of these signs are planned as funds become available. The focus of a majority of this work is to enhance the historic downtown area of Picayune.
It’s projects like these that show the current administration is looking towards the future of our city. Streets that are not cluttered with temporary signs, and at the same time offer new eye catching features make our city that much more appealing to prospective business owners and residents.

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