Picking out a pet name

Published 7:00 am Friday, August 8, 2014

Many of us have struggled with picking out the perfect name for a new pet. For some, maybe it comes easier — one look is all it takes for you to easily sum up man’s best friend.

  Still there are others who pine for weeks over a great name and then later wonder if Twilight the cat would be better suited as a Penelope, but that’s a mouthful, so we better call her “Penny”.  (I am speaking from personal experience with an 8-year old on that one.) 

  Naming a pet should be easy and fun, but it’s important to never hastily pick a name. It could result in remorse and then wanting to change the name later. 

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  It’s not like there are rules against renaming a pet, but it’s probably not the best standard to set, especially when children are involved. 

  A good rule is to wait until the animal is home before bestowing a name. 

Even if you already have a name you like, it is best to spend time with the pet to see if the name will be the right fit. 

Allow a few weeks to get familiar with the new animal. Once that timeframe is up, pick your favorite and no take-backs. Many pets can live between 15 to 20 years, so whatever name you settle on, make sure it’s one you like.

  Here are some ideas to make the process move along smoothly.

  • History, literature or music can serve as inspiration. Think about favorite influences and interests and pull a name from those resources. For example, you may want to name a pet after a favorite musician or writer.

• Avoid names with negative connotations. It’s easy to name pets after one of their traits, but err on the positive side rather than the unfavorable.

• Opt for a two-syllable name. Names with two syllables will roll off the tongue with ease compared to longer monikers.