Published 2:54 pm Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Do I use it? Do I like it? Does it drive me crazy when I hear it? Yes to all three and the ‘it’ is the responding wisecracking word … “Whatever!”

But what is it really saying?

A generation ago it meant perplexity, astonishment but not today, our culture has produced a one word diss or cutdown to show indifference and scorn for something or someone. It’s the “Whatever” generation.

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Granted in this crazy 24/7 news cycle world we are exposed to an overload of whatever! Dumb people doing dumb stuff. I reserve the right to use my “Whatever!” bombs on current events. Let’s roll.

To start with, a 28 year old woman rubs drain cleaner on her face, accuses someone of attacking her, draws the attention of the media world, raises twenty eight thousand dollars in sympathy donations and is now facing criminal charges for fraud. “Whatever!”

Tweeters are hacked and directed to malicious websites, some including porn sites. “Whatever!”

The repetition of all the news stories about the recession being over in 2009. I am both perplexed and highly skeptical of their definition of over since the majority of average Joes and Janes still seem to be hurting financially, struggling to keep or find employment and they are outraged over government spending. The economy is not that rosy. “Whatever!”

Am I starting to sound like the spoiled brats we are raising with my smarty pants attitude? Well then, “Whatever!”

Genetically grown salmon scares people. “Whatever!”

Lindsay Lohan has a warrant out for her arrest for failing a drug test and Paris Hilton admits the cocaine found in her purse was actually hers. Double “Whatever!”

J.J. Abrams kept us on our the edge of our seats with his LOST series, using the same mysterious tone that starts with a cataclysmic event, the series Flash Forward attempted to capture an audience but to no avail as it only kept them interested for one season.

Yet, another LOST wannabe is being heavily promoted, The Event. My response is … “Whatever!” I still have LOST satisfaction and am not in the mood for a similar copycat-ish investment of my time.

The Jersey Shores … “Whatever!” And now I have to put up with the dude known as the Situation on Dancing with the Stars. Hopefully Americans will vote him off soon.

Lady Gaga wears real meat at the MTV Video Awards show. “Whatever!”

In politics, where “Whatever!” is an epidemic! I laugh at the scrutiny of Delaware’s Tea Party slash Republican candidate, O’Donnell. She stated while in high school that she went out on a date with a guy that was into witchcraft; thereby she made the conclusional statement that she dabbled in witchcraft. “Whatever!”

There are a multitude of women who dabbled in being interested in sports while dating a guy too!

What are her views on the issues our country is facing today? Witches … low priority, established politicians who think they are above us all, now that’s an issue! What is her character like today? No one should be judged by their high school, hormone driven exposures!

I used a Ouija board when I was a kid, had a card reading once in high school and I read Mike Warnaco’s autobiography about his escape from the Satanic church but I still went to his Christian comedy concerts. Did his Christian witness suffer because of his dark past? Thousands were in attendance and he was wildly popular in the 80’s.

However, I was disappointed to discover a few years ago that his Satan stories were all manufactured. Gee, now I am mad because instead of worshiping Satan he just turned out to being a liar. “Whatever!”

Reggie Bush, a nice guy and an extremely talented football player had to give back his Heinemann trophy because of the unethical money badgers who tempt young players while in college. Did he play good enough to win it? Did he deserve the trophy? Did he buy votes? Today, four years after winning it, is his good moral character of giving back to the New Orleans community and upstanding sportsmanship come into consideration?

To the idiots running the college money scams … “Whatever!” with an extra … shame—  shame!

I feel better now that I let out some scornful steam. However, if my kids decide to “Whatever!” r me, my answer will be to follow up “Whatever!” with, “Talk-to-the-hand on your backside … ever!”

Yes, “Talk to the hand” is ‘out’, but parents aren’t suppose to be ‘in’.

WARNNG: While fine on its own, don’t pair your use of “Whatever!” with rolling of your eyes. This might lead to unwanted circumstances.

Tracy Williams is a syndicated columnist and can be reached at her website: myhometowncolum.com or become a fan on Face Book at My Hometown Column.