My Hometown

Published 4:58 pm Wednesday, April 4, 2007

There are things in life that compel us to act, to do, or to follow through on an urge. Why everyone is not guilty of these acts, I am not sure because I am always doing things I just gotta do. Or saying things I just gotta say, but that is a whole other subject.

For instance, I see a pregnant woman and usually if I know her (or sometimes I don’t), I pat her belly. I invade her personal space. It is a spontaneous reaction, but my will is weak.

Someone shows me their chubby cheeked baby and I have to squeeze.

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Just like some folks see the hot doughnut sign at Krispee Kreme and automatically their car steers into the parking lot.

These urges happen and we fall slaves to the power of the inner voice. And sometimes, we get in trouble. Does it stop us, not really. We may hesitate the next time, but we do it anyway.

Strangers and friends alike were compelled to touch my number-two son’s massive head of curls. Most, without hesitating, reached out to touch the blond ringlets and remark on how beautiful. Eventually, a very disgruntled three year old turned to me and said, “My hair is NOT a play thing!”

Another urge we may face is to write our initials or name in wet concrete. It is there, it is wet, it is nearly impossible to pass up the opportunity. It might get you in trouble but who can blame you. After all, it is WET CONCRETE!

There are just things in this world you gotta do. No explanation needed and if guilty, you just explain you had to do it. Most folks get it. Where is the harm in indiscreet signatures in sidewalks, drives or wherever you find wet concrete? I am not promoting vandalism, just tiny writing or hand prints. It brings character to dull surfaces.

Life needs a little fun, a little impulsive action. It means that we are living. Sometimes you need to kick the can in the street rather than responsibly pick it up. Sometimes you need to play.

We know we have to do some things in life no matter what, such as die and pay taxes. We have to get older no matter how many procedures or beauty products we apply.

Then, there are the things you do not wanna do. Does anybody really want to eat right and exercise?

Does anybody want to pay bills or go to work on Monday? Yet we do it because we gotta.

Does anybody want to have surgery? Go to the doctor, get a shot? Many people will not go until they have to, practically forced to follow through because of failing health. Sometimes, they wait too long. These are things we gotta do.

Some folks think they gotta have kids. You don’t. You need to really want them since they won’t take them back at Wal-Mart, no matter how much you beg and cry. I know.

Yes, there are things we gotta do, things we don’t want to do and there are things worth doing.

Are you guilty of doing worthwhile things? Many people do not. They rather ignore the urges to act on their desires; they follow the rules of going to work and paying taxes. They ignore the wet concrete.

I find that a long walk in the country is worth doing.

Sitting on a back veranda with a view of a mountain is worth doing.

Bubble baths or listening to great music are worth while.

Vacations are worth doing. No matter how hard it is to get away. Time away from everyday routines can save your life.

Another thing worth doing, but only occasionally, is eating chocolate chip cookies or chocolate cake and forgetting the calories.

It is worth while to spend quality time with your family. The father who takes the time to play with his younger kids although his “honey do” list is long is the worthwhile father. What would you rather a hung valance or a fulfilled child?

Doing something nice for someone other than yourself are things we all should do.

Life is about living. So, we act on our urges and sometimes we get our hand slapped. We leave evidence of our spontaneous reaction in wet concrete and we may have to apologize. But life without playing is no fun. Quit worrying about what other people may think and walk on the grass for a change!

Life without doing the worthwhile things is an empty life. Fill your to do lists with smelling roses and watching sunsets, calling your parents, or playing ball with your kids. At the end of my life, I hope I have experienced living instead of not doing.

I have never turned a hand away from my pregnant belly, or fat cheeked child or fussed at little hands in my concrete. I understand why and encourage it fully.

However, don’t be patting my belly in the future no matter how large it gets because I am not pregnant and thankfully, will never be again. That is one thing I do not “gotta do” anymore. The urge is gone, the itch has been scratched and the return policy stinks.