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Learning the hard way about fire ants

The article by Linda Breazeale on farmers and fire ants was very interesting. As a recent transplanted Northerner I had much to learn about fire ... Read more

Ban antibiotics in animal agriculture

Last Tuesday, President Obama directed federal agencies to serve antibiotic-free meat and poultry in government cafeterias. The FDA will require animal producers to obtain authorization ... Read more

County needs animal control officer

To the Pearl River County elected officials who eliminated funding for a county animal control officer: You are not much better than the person who ... Read more

Honoring motherhood from humans to cow’s

Dear Editor, When we celebrate Mother’s Day and the cherished bond between mother and child we forget dairy cows – world-wide symbols of motherhood – ... Read more

Celebrate Earth Day and sustainable dairy farming

The celebration of Earth Day officially began 45 years ago as a way to demonstrate support for environmental protection. For dairy farmers and much of ... Read more

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