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Technology distracts today’s drivers

There are several distractions that can pose a danger to drivers such as adjusting the radio, putting on makeup or talking on the phone. But ... Read more

Remember to protect your skin this summer

With lots of summer activities to enjoy in the coming months, Pearl River County residents should remember to protect their skin from the damaging rays ... Read more

President gets his own Twitter account

Monday, President Barack Obama announced his first official Twitter account. While there are several other accounts apparently representing the president, the @POTUS account is touted ... Read more

Use caution when driving in heavy rainfall

One Hancock County man is lucky to be alive after a section of Old Kiln Road washed out underneath his vehicle Saturday night. While this ... Read more

Inspiring words leave lasting impact

A college graduation ceremony is often a pivotal moment in a person’s life. There’s nothing more rewarding than accomplishing one’s goal. While graduation is supposed ... Read more

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