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Vehicle drives through Donut Hole


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Education and job performance

Google is one of the most amazing business stories to emerge during the tech boom.  We most commonly think of Google as a company that ... Read more

Today’s video games graphics

Today’s video games are becoming more and more like playable movies. As a kid growing up in the 80s and 90s I spent more time ... Read more

I love a commute

Driving has always been therapeutic for me. I always enjoyed the ride back and forth from Bay St. Louis to Oxford during my college days ... Read more

GDP explanation wrap-up

A final thought from the previous column, which explained the GDP calculation used to determine the performance of the economy, is necessary before moving on with ... Read more

Matching the shoe with the occasion

I, like most women, enjoy my footwear. Nearly every time I’m in a department store, I will browse the latest styles of shoes.  My personal ... Read more

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