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Smiles for nonprofits

There are a variety of occasions to shop for others including birthdays, holidays or just to let someone know you are thinking of them. Not ... Read more

Tax reform should boost jobs, not gov’t spending

President Obama is pitching more of the same tax-and-spend proposals – this time to a Republican majority in Congress. In his State of the Union ... Read more

GoDaddy Super Bowl commercial causes controversy

Super Bowl Sunday is a time when families gather around the television to watch the best teams of the year compete for the Vince Lombardi ... Read more

Deflated footballs the least of my worries

I am already sick of the NFL’s latest controversy, which is being referred to by many as “Deflategate”. In fact, the only thing I am ... Read more

Wisdom in growing old

While it’s been well over a decade since we welcomed the new millennium, there are a few people alive who welcomed the dawn of the ... Read more

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