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Slippery slope

Wednesday Sony announced they would not be releasing a satirical movie portraying the pseudo assassination of North Korea’s dictator. The move was in response to ... Read more

Dealing with insomnia

Stress and anxiety are sneaky little menaces that slip into our lives in small doses. At first undetected, but as time passes and they are ... Read more

Holiday Traditions

Christmas is my favorite holiday. (And yes I hear everyone collectively sighing and thinking, “That’s so cliché.”) Not that the other holidays are any less ... Read more

U.S. should heed lessons of Iraq as mission ends in Afghanistan: Success should be measured by country’s stability, not troop withdrawal

The end of this year marks a new chapter in Afghanistan as the U.S.-led combat mission formally comes to a close. On January 1, only ... Read more

Numbers aren’t everything

Statistics are fascinating to me, particularly when it comes to sports. “Advanced analytics” might sound like the name of a dreadfully boring college course, but ... Read more

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