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Buying your next digital camera

It was my first year of college and the first few months out on my own. I wanted to buy a new camera to document ... Read more

Things that I miss: Part three

As  the  years  go  by  and  I  look  back  on  all  the  things  we  had  and  enjoyed  decades  ago,  I  have  come  to  realize  just  ... Read more

Anniversaries: Nine years after the storm

Anniversaries. Usually they commemorate a joyous event such as a long time marriage or the date you began your career. But, anniversaries also denote a ... Read more

Constitutional government

In 1803 – Under Marbury v Madison – the Supreme Court decided that they would determine what was constitutional. Since that decision, the Supreme Court ... Read more

Rock in windshield

I’ve loved to drive ever since I reached the legal age. I could not wait to have my highway freedom. Of course, that also meant ... Read more

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