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Let’s feed the hungry in America

There are many and activist groups airing television commercials asking for donations to help end world hunger. Mothers often say to their children, “Eat your ... Read more

Accident scenes: Make effort to keep traffic moving

Thursday a vehicle drove through the front of the Donut Hole on Memorial Boulevard, making for a scene that many slowed to witness. The problem ... Read more

Using corporal punishment on children

This week the debate rages over whether Adrian Peterson should be suspended from the NFL for using corporal punishment on his child. Most of our ... Read more

Friday night showdown in Poplarville

For the majority of Pearl River County residents, there is nothing like a Friday night spent at the local high school football field. The stands ... Read more

Why draw straws for a tie vote in an election?

History was made in the city of Poplarville on Thursday evening. The first municipal draw of the lot was held to determine the winner of ... Read more

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