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Utility rates should be the same for all

Residents of Hide-A-Way Lake are currently paying less for more service than residents in the city of Picayune. A proposed change to the Pearl River ... Read more

Having a safe route to school

Work is being done to provide children in Picayune a safe route in which to walk to school at West Side Elementary. Currently, there are ... Read more

NASA remains a strong force for Pearl River County

“The state of NASA is strong” That was the message Charlie Bolden, NASA’s administrator, drove home during NASA’s address to their employees and media representatives ... Read more

Providing needed access to healthcare

In today’s Item, you will read a story about a bill that District 40 Senator Angela Burks Hill proposed this year. Through Senate Bill 2185, ... Read more

A wonderful new program for the county

In today’s Item you will read about a new program created by the Picayune Youth Athletic Association. The Buddy Ball program was inspired by PYAA ... Read more

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