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Be proud to be an American

Everyone who calls this country their home should be proud to be an American, especially today. The Fourth of July is just one of the ... Read more

No more permit for concealed carry, somewhat

This week Mississippi saw a number of laws go in effect, one of which allows residents to legally carry a firearm in a semi-concealed manner ... Read more

Inspection stickers, necessary or a nuisance?

At the beginning of this month inspection stickers in Mississippi became a thing of the past. But is that good, or bad? For those reading ... Read more

Should overtime be revamped?

Tuesday our nation’s president outlined a proposal that would bring about 5 million workers into the realm of overtime pay. Any worker will tell you, ... Read more

Conserving energy during the summer months

The summer months are upon us and it seems that Mother Nature’s record-breaking heat waves will be paying us another visit. During this time of ... Read more

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