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Fast food getting paid more

Minimum wage hikes have been a topic of conversation recently. Unions are running with the idea that $15 an hour should be the minimum wage. ... Read more

Secularism in today’s society

We are being forced to socialism by a government led by a minority who have few, if any, spiritual beliefs. Over the past century Christians ... Read more

Don’t judge by a grade

News outlets across Mississippi have been busy reporting the Mississippi Department of Education’s recent release of grades for the state’s schools and districts. Yes, I ... Read more

Mississippi reaping benefits of new farm bill

During the month of October, scenes of hard-working farmers bringing in the year’s harvest are commonplace in Mississippi. More than 42,000 farms populate our landscape, ... Read more

Nobody likes a bad tipper

I’ve always held the opinion that everyone should spend at least a week waiting tables at some point in their lives. It really is a ... Read more

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