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Democrat lite is not the way for Republicans

Published 4:54pm Friday, July 4, 2014

With a Democrat that opposes Obamacare, Travis Childress, and a Republican that calls a fellow Republican a racist and makes a deal to get Democrats to vote for himself in a Republican Primary, Thad Cochran, we have a perfect storm, aka, and a write in campaign that will likely win this Senate race.

Lisa Murkowski won the Alaska Senate race after loosing the primary and so could have Chris McDaniel. Albert Gore, John Kerry and Barack Obama all lost MS by wide margins yet the first black candidate could not muster enough votes to come close to carrying MS.

In a three-way race McDaniel could get more votes than Cochran, as he did earlier.

It is time to tell the Republican establishment that Democrat Lite isn’t our cup of tea and believe me that isn’t a play on words. The establishment has to understand we want a balanced budget, lower taxes, smaller Government, a secure border, Fed Agencies that do their job not pander to politicians and yes we want to help the needy but by no means support the freeloaders.

Haley Barber and Thad Cochran brought this onto the back of the MS Republican Party and we, Conservatives in MS, must pile on or live with what the establishment has given us. Calling one of our own a racist is contrary to what Ronald Reagan said and collusion with the other party to win your party primary is unforgivable.

Frank G Ross Sr


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